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Brazil | Resisting Bolsonaro in Brazil: one million people strike to defend education


More than one million people took to the streets of Brazil on 15 May 2019 in nationwide strikes opposing the government’s massive attacks on education. Brazil’s far right President Jair Bolsonaro has been in office for less than five months and is already facing large resistance to his ultra neo-liberal agenda – and it is teachers and students that are leading the way.

Declaration of the Organising Committee of the Internationalist Socialists of Algeria (COSI)

Ever since the beginning of the democratic and revolutionary mobilisation that emerged in Algeria on 22 February, the Organising Committee of the Internationalist Socialists of Algeria (COSI) has affirmed consistently that the answer to the aspiration of the entire Algerian nation to take its destiny into its own hands is to be found in the election of a Sovereign Constituent Assembly, the only means capable of establishing the form and content of what national sovereignty and democracy should be and the only means to etch in stone all democratic and workers’ rights.

France | We are not fooled Over 20,000 artist and creators sign a call in support of Yellow Vests in France

On May 10, over 20,000 artists and creators had already signed this call, launched on May 4 

For several months now, the Yellow Vest movement, unprecedented in the history of the Fifth Republic, has been beating the pavement of our streets.

Algerians celebrate Bouteflika’s resignation, protesters reject new govt

Algerians are in a celebratory mood following Tuesday’s resignation of ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, whose bid to seek a fifth term in February sparked mass protests.

Hundreds took to the streets of the capital after state media announced the 82-year-old’s departure, capping a wave of protests demanding the removal of an aging elite seen by many as out of touch with ordinary people and presiding over an economy riven by cronyism.

France | France: For the Political Independence of the Working Class

by François Forgue

The capitalist order in France is in deep crisis. The Macron presidency and government resulted from that crisis, which they have been unable to overcome. Macron himself acknowledged this when he said that he came to power “as the result of a break-in”. He was in fact elected President by just 18 per cent or so of registered voters, after the political parties which were directly responsible for the situation created in recent years – the Socialist Party in particular – were rejected by the voters, and after the traditional right wing blew apart. Macron was only elected thanks to the call to vote for him issued by the whole of “the left”, citing the need to block the National Front and its candidate, Marine Le Pen. It is amusing to note that several of those who today have no problem calling for demonstrations which the National Rally – led by Marine Le Pen – also approves, were the strongest proponents of a vote for Macron at the time of the 2017 election.