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France |

Danielle Bleitrach

Quand on voit quelqu’un comme l’ancien maire de Paris Delannoe se livrer à un travestissement de l’histoire totalement indigne pour nier la part de responsabilité qu’il porte lui et ses amis dans la situation actuell, on a honte pour le PS et ses dérives, on voit jusqu’où ces gens peuvent aller et on se dit que son poulain Macron peut citer karl marx, » celui qui ignore l’histoire est condamné à la revivre » comme l’ultime ruse de ceux qui nous manipulent depuis des décennies pour nous conduire là où nous en sommes.

France | Democratic Independent Workers Party calls to fight back social rights and democracy in France

On 23 April, a fatal blow was delivered to the Fifth Republic. The two parties which for almost 60 years have governed within the framework of its institutions – the Republicans and the Socialist Party – were eliminated in the first round.

A huge rejection has been expressed. Rejection of the El Khomri labour law and the policy of the Hollande government. Rejection of the policies that have been implemented for years by successive governments serving the interests of the capitalists and the European Union. Rejection of the lay-offs, the privatisations, the blows against the Social Security system, hospitals and schools. Rejection of the wars wages against the peoples.

France | It’s the Left that can beat Le Pen and fascism, not Macron

by Cameron Panting

Marine Le Pen will be facing Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the French presidential election. I hope very much that Macron wins.

This is not due to any liking for Macron, but because I do not wish for a fascist to become the next President of France.

France | +22 points en un mois pour la popularité de Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Un sondage sur la popularité des politiques paru mercredi, met en évidence une montée en flèche de Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Si le candidat de La France Insoumise atteint le second tour, il pourrait battre Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon et Marine Le Pen.

France | Big Stakes in the French Presidential Election: Global Governance Versus the People

By Diana Johnstone

The 2017 French Presidential election is no joke. It is shaping up as a highly significant encounter between two profoundly opposing conceptions of political life. On one side, governance, meaning the joint management of society by a co-opted elite, on the model of business corporations. On the other side, the traditional system called “democracy”, meaning the people’s choice of leaders by free and fair elections.