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Armenia prime minister Serzh Sargsyan resigns

Armenian prime minister Serzh Sargsyan on Monday, April 23 resigned from his post after tens of thousands of demonstrators paralyzed traffic across the country for more than 10 days to protest against his premiership.

Opposition leader from Yelk bloc, founder and head of Civil Contract party Nikol Pashinyan led the campaign against the former president’s appointment as prime minister․

Azerbaijan makes territorial claims against Armenia

Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev on Thursday, February 8 delivered threats against Armenia, claiming that “Yerevan Khanate and Zangezur-Goycha are Azerbaijan’s history lands.”

Addressing the VI Congress of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, Aliyev said “we must not and do not forget about our historical lands.”

Sasna Tsrer group in Armenia lay down arms

On the morning of July 17, an armed group calling themselves Sasna Tsrer (Daredevils of Sassoun) seized a police compound in Yerevan’s district of Erebuni demanding the release of Karabakh war veteran, the Founding Parliament movement leader Jirair Sefilian accused of illegal possession of firearms. Sasna Tsrer also demanded the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan and cancellation of talks to cede some lands around the former Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast to Azerbaijan. Those in the building, as well as the deputy police chief of Armenia Vartan Yeghiazaryan and deputy police chief of Yerevan Valeriy Osipyan, who arrived at the site to hold negotiations, were taken hostage by the armed group. On July 23, the armed group released all hostages. On July 27, 4 ambulance personnel were held in the police building. However, paramedic David Tonoyan was released on the evening of the same day, while doctor Salvador Khechoyan was let go on July 29. Throughout the 2-week siege of the police compound, rallies were staged in support of Sasna Tsrer. On the night of July 29-30, dozens, including journalists, were injured as riot police fired grenades to disperse the demonstrators. 165 people were detained, 26 of them arrested.

Yerevan standoff: Police disperse rally supporting gunmen

Supporters of the armed group that stormed a police department on July 17 initiated yet another rally on Friday, July 29.

Demonstrators gathered on Thursday too but the protest was called off due to the heavy rain in the Armenian capital.

Arménie : lancement de l’opération « Maïdan tarifaire »

Une désagréable impression de déjà vu …

L’Arménie est aujourd’hui confrontée à la technologie du Maïdan. Des milliers de manifestants dans les rues, qui reviennent toujours, drapeaux européens en main avec le drapeau arménien, très bien organisés, avec des revendications illogiques. Mais peu importe, il faut occuper le terrain et déstabiliser le pouvoir. Retour sur évènement.