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Behind the Iran Protests

By Narges Bajoghli

“I’m in university now, but I know it’s a waste of time. I won’t have a job after this. I wouldn’t have a job if I didn’t go to university. I’m just waiting out four years. But there’s no future for me . . . for any of us.”

Yemen cholera and diphtheria: ‘The ongoing war and blockade are sending Yemen’s health system decades back in time’

While the cholera outbreak appears to be slowing in war-torn Yemen, with the number of cases closing in on 1 million since April, diphtheria has raised it’s ugly head in the country for the first time in a quarter century and even longer since the last outbreak.

Violence escalates in Yemen between anti-Saudi forces

Heavy smoke billowed over Sana’a, Saturday, as clashes between Houthi fighters and forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh continued for the fourth consecutive day.

The fighting has reportedly involved heavy artillery and rocket launchers, killing scores of fighters on both sides and forcing many local residents to leave their homes.

France | Macron Announces Plans of ‘Military Action’ in Libya

President Macron has revealed how EU leaders are planning to stop groups of human traffickers in Libya.

PARIS (Sputnik) — French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday EU leaders were pondering to crack down collectively on people’s smugglers in Libya, in an interview with a local news network.

France | Esclavage en Libye : merci l’OTAN !

Une découverte, les pratiques esclavagistes filmées par CNN ? On tombe vraiment des nues ? Certainement pas. Le 11 avril 2017, l’Office international des migrations publiait un rapport indiquant que des milliers de migrants transitant par la Libye étaient vendus comme du bétail sur des marchés aux esclaves, avant d’être soumis au travail forcé ou à l’exploitation sexuelle. Cette réalité, tout le monde la connaissait, et personne n’a rien fait.