Large-scale NATO exercises started in the Black Sea

On April 5, the NATO exercise “Sea Shield 19” started with the participation of more than two thousand troops in the Black Sea. “Fourteen Romanian warships and six warships from Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, the Netherlands, and Turkey, with the participation of 2,200 troops, will perform joint combat missions in the Black Sea region,” the statement said.

Earlier, Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the NATO countries agreed on measures to support Ukraine and Georgia in the Black Sea. In particular, exercises, exchange of information and ship’s visits at the water area ports are envisaged. According to him, the measures taken will help improve NATO’s awareness of the situation in the Black Sea. Exercises will be held until April 13.

The maneuvers of the NATO ships provoked increased enthusiasm for the head of the mission of Ukraine to NATO, Vadim Pristaiko. He said that if one of the NATO ships that had entered the Black Sea was threatened with a threat from the Russian Federation, this would be regarded as a threat to the entire alliance. Pristaiko added that such a position concerns not only NATO ships: air patrols should begin over the Black Sea part of the Romanian airspace. “Not only at sea, but also in the air, there is an increased NATO presence. In fact, the alliance takes much more measures in the Black Sea than it seems at first glance”, the head of the Ukrainian mission added.

Ukrainian opposition journalists are worried about these statements, because presidential elections are taking place in Ukraine. The current president Poroshenko loses opposition candidate Zelensky and needs to increase his rating. Many observers believe that for this purpose Poroshenko could provoke an armed confrontation with Russia. The US government continues to bet on Poroshenko, and it cannot be excluded that this plan will find support in Washington. A source of the Ukrainian Internet newspaper Strana in Washington’s lobbyist circles claims that the Washington hawks would like to “provide urgent support to Petro Poroshenko, for example, to send warships to the Crimea.” Indeed, a statement by NATO was made not long ago that Alliance ships could escort Ukrainian ships through the Kerch Strait.

“We are working on a package of measures that we plan to submit to the foreign ministers. These measures provide for increased surveillance, in particular air, while more ships of NATO countries will enter the Black Sea to ensure the safe passage of ships through the Kerch Strait to the Sea of ​​Azov,” US Representative to NATO Kay Bailey Gatchison stated on April 3.

On the other hand, not everyone in the United States shares the thesis of the need to save “ours son of a bitch” Poroshenko. According to the “Strana” source, Donald Trump himself is categorically against abrupt actions in the Ukrainian direction. At the same time, Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky believes that France and Germany will adhere to the previous line and will not support the possible provocation of NATO ships in Kerch Strait.

Although the maneuvers of NATO ships in the Black Sea are worrying, the likelihood of an armed conflict between NATO and Russia this month is low.

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