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Ukrainian fascists attack journalists

On November 18 Ukrainian fascists attacked two journalists in the center of Ukrainian capital.

One of them is a Canadian reporter Michael Colborne.

He was punched in the face by counterdemonstrators at a Transgender rights rally in Kyiv on November 18. He suffered a swollen lip and cuts on his face from his broken glasses. Colborne tweeted that the attack against him was «further proof» that Ukraine «has a huge far-right problem,» and that Ukrainian officials should «stop downplaying it.»

The most scandalous is solidarity of some Ukrainian politicians with attackers. Colborne quotes in his twitter Andriy Telizhenko, former Ukrainian diplomat who worked at the Ukrainian embassy in DC and other government offices. He thinks it’s «good» for western journalists to get assaulted in Ukraine. “Stop going to such events and you wont get hit…  Good that you got smashed :)” – Telizhenko teaches.  https://twitter.com/TelizhenkoAndr/status/1064158235970756608

While Colborne’s case was mentioned in pro-US media, they are silent that one more attack against journalist took place at the same rally. Far-right radicals attacked Bogdan Aminov who works for opposition TV-channel NEWSONE.

During the live broadcast, MP Oksana Korchinskaya approached him and stated that journalists allegedly provoke the opponents of the march of transgender people and began to drive them away. At this point, one fascist spat in the face of a journalist. The TV channel considers these actions as an obstacle to the legitimate work of journalists.

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