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All Pakistan Trade Union Federation APTUF Protest

Workers demand to increase 10% salary and EOBI pension Rs15,000 for private sector workers

 All Pakistan Trade Union Federation hold protest under the leadership of Rubina Jamil, Anwar Gujjar to increase EOBI from Rest. 5200/-to Rs. 15000/- per month and also announce 10% salary for all workers working in private sector. As you all know that 6, lac 50,000 workers are working in private sector in which women workers in garment sector are 42%, denying all the basic rights.

The union representatives from different private sector factories from United Foam, Escort Meter, Nisar Art Press, Longman Rubber Mill, Lahore Chemical, Punjab sports board, from garment sector and pharmaceutical and railway worker’s union (workshop & open line) participated.

In protest workers chanted slogans enthusiastically for the acceptance of their demands, “Our demands to increase EOBI pension 15000, 10% salary for private sector workers, Long live worker’s unity, Workers unite under red flag, Workers united will never be defeated, long live APTUF, long live working class.

While addressing APTUF General Secretary Rubina Jamil, Anwar Gujjar (President) Kamran Sagheer, Shabbir Shah, M. Ilyas, M. Ashraf, Sakhee Khan, Saeed Gujjar, Rehmatullah, M. Salim. M.Arif, Com. Irfan said that this government was imposed on us (…). PTI won election, with the help of Extremists mullahs they won, through proper rigging in election they won. In his first speech Imran Khan said that I want to do something for the poor and the working Class of the country. It is really bad that the pro imperialist and pro dictator government is not paying attention to working class hue and cry. We are here to demand the government to pay attention to low pensionary amount of Rs. 5,250 only per month has multiplied the suffering of the beneficiaries of Employees Old Age Benefit Institution (EOBI) especially industrial and mine workers who are finding difficult to meet both ends. The old age people not receiving reasonable pension, their pension is very low, not able to even buy medicine, so government Should give them a social security card to get treatment from workers hospitals. Our demand is that the pensioners registered with EOBI to get increase Pension from RS. 5200 to least Rs 15,000 considering the prevailing price hike situation in the country.

Speakers said that these 40 million industrial and mine workers contribute one percent (1%) of their salary while their employers give five percent (5%) of their income monthly as secure investment for the old age to EOBI. While the current reserves of the institution are around Rs.300 billion. the source added. The mine and industrial workers have been depositing shares of their salaries since the year 1976 to the EOBI. Speakers said that more than 20, 000 industrial workers besides others are registered with the EOBI and receive pension from the institution of Rs5,250 per month, which is very low.

Speakers further narrated that in every country, the government gives benefits to the senior citizens, but, unfortunately, in this country it is difficult for the old age people to live a dignified life he said. The EOBI Act 1976 was enforced with effect from April 01, 1976, to achieve the objective of Article 38 (C) of the Constitution by providing for compulsory social insurance. It extends the benefits of Old Age Pension, Survivor’s Pension, Invalidity Pension and Old Age Grant to the insured persons or their survivors.

Speakers said that this new government is put more pressure on poor and working class in the budget. They increase the prices of basic commodities and taxes on common people, we reject the budget announced by new government.

Private sector workers are not getting benefits; they deny all the basic rights. 650,000 workers are working only in private industry, working in miserable situation, speakers said minimum wage is not living wage which is 15000 Rest. Mostly factories giving Rs. 8000/- no proper labour inspection. Only 3% workers are unionized.

In this situation our demands to:

1) Increase private sector salary from 15000 to 25,000/- per month and measure should be taken to it.

2) implement EOBI pension should be Rs. 15000/- and social security cards given to old age people to get treatment from the hospitals.

3) More Labor inspector hired and proper factory inspection should be done.

4) Right of formation of union should be given to workers

If government did not accept our demands, we will spread our protests in other cities too.

Ashraf, Secretary, Ilyas, Joint Secretary, APTUF


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