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Fascists again attacked the people of Odessa

On September 2 in Odessa , a group of Ukrainian fascists attacked  residents of the city who traditionally gather at Kulikovo field near the Trade Unions House to pay tribute to the memory of those who died there during the May 2, 2014 clashes. On that day, a crowd of  fascists  burned in the House of Trade Unions more than forty  people  who opposed the ultra-right coup that took place in Ukraine.

The attacking  fascists  shouted mocking ridicule, after which they poured zelyonka on activists of the Kulikovo field – Ibrahim Maurice and Nina Kochanovskaya. Zelyonka is traditional medical grease for disinfection of green colour in the former USSR. It is difficult to wash it off the skin and it can cause eye burns.

Sergei Sternenko was among the fascists  too, not so long ago he slaughtered a man in a fight, but remaining at large. Police officers detained the attackers and took them away. However, many years of experience show that they will not incur any responsibility. Ukrainian right-wing radicals are placed above the law after the coup of 2014.

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