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Pregnant activist from Crimea arrested on suspicion of high treason

On April 23 at the border with Crimea Ukrainian border guards detained a Crimean woman Elena Odnovol on suspicion of high treason. Elena Nikolaevna Odnovol (32 years) lives in the Crimean city of Saki and had been pregnant at the moment of her detention.

That day, Elena and her husband went to Ukraine to visit relatives, but she was detained while passing border control. Andrei Odnovol, Elena’s husband, was with his wife at the time of detention, but Ukrainian law enforcers had no complaints against him and he was released.

As Ukrainian media reported, before the trial in Kherson, where Elena was elected preventive measure for the time of investigation, the detainee was called “ambulance” and it “brought her to consciousness” for 40 minutes in the court’s corridor! Odnovol is accused of high treason. If she is found guilty, the Crimean woman faces up to 15 years in prison.

In the video footage from the courtroom, published in social networks, Elena declares to the judge that she is pregnant – in the fifth week. This was confirmed by the doctor.

Elena began to engage in public activities in 2014 after Crimea joined Russia, she was a member of the Public Council under the Head of Administration of the city of Saki in 2015-2016 as the head of the department for working with youth.

From 2015 to 2016 Elena was the coordinator of the All-Russian movement “Immortal Regiment” in the Republic of Crimea. During preparation for the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, Elena Odnovol was a member of the Presidium of the Crimean Regional Preparatory Committee. For the celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, Elena headed the municipal headquarters of the Volunteer Corps of the 70th anniversary of Victory in Saki.

At the moment she is an active representative of the volunteer movement of Russia and the main organizer of volunteer activity in the Republic of Crimea. Odnovol is the author of numerous projects in the field of civil society and the education of youth. Its main activity was as follows:

  • Assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War – volunteers throughout the year provide assistance in social issues, organize interaction with veteran organizations, accompany veterans to cultural events and invite them as guests and experts to meetings and other events involving young people. For 2017 in the Republic of Crimea, more than 120 veterans were assisted;
  • Accomplishment of memorable places – activists of the Movement organize events for the improvement of avenues of glory, memorial places and military burial places associated with the Great Patriotic War. For 2017 in the Republic of Crimea they held more than 40 events;
  • Organization and conduct of all-Russian historical quests – volunteers conduct interactive games, the scenarios of which are based on the memories of war veterans and historical facts, with the aim of involving young people in the study of history. In 2017 for the youth of the Crimea there were organized six All-Russian historical quests on various topics: “1941. Zapolyarie (the Arctic)”, “1942. By Partisan trails,” “First. Space “and others. More than 3,500 schoolchildren took part in the quests for 2017;
  • Organization and holding of All-Russian actions, such as “George ribbon”, within the framework of which 130 000 ribbons were distributed with the participation of 540 volunteers. As a result of the “Letter of Victory” action, more than 2,700 letters were written to the past and thanks to veterans. In the action “Candle of Memory” on Memory and Grief Day, about 2,500 citizens across the region decided to honor the memory of the deceased and took part in the action.

The Kiev regime considers Ukrainian citizens of all Crimeans who accepted Russian citizenship, so Elena Odnovol was arrested as a Ukrainian citizen. All her activities are contrary to the ideology imposed on Ukraine by the Kiev regime, but according to the laws of the present Ukraine it is not treason. A formal ground for the charge of high treason was another circumstance. During the presidential elections in Russia, Elena Odnovol was a member of the public support staff of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin and was responsible for the work of volunteers who collected signatures of citizens to nominate Putin as a presidential candidate. The Ukrainian side considers any elections in Crimea illegal, and any person participated in the propaganda or organization of these elections, from the Ukrainian lawyers’ point of view, is subject to criminal liability.


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