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Ukrainian Nazis in Kiev Disrupted a Red Army Commemoration Event & Attacked a Ukrainian MP

On April 13, Kiev residents came to the General Vatutin’s monument to lay flowers in his honor. General Vatutin liberated Kiev from the Nazis and was killed by Ukrainian fascists on April 15, 1944. After that, the general was buried in Kiev.

The modern heirs of the Nazis decided to disrupt the laying of flowers. Grouping C-14 and «Right Sector» in advance came to the monument. There were about 50 fascists. They openly defiled the monument, doused it with red paint in the presence of the police, and harshly insulted Kiev residents and especially veterans laying flowers, and then attacked the head of the faction of the «Opposition block» Yuri Boyko, who also came to pay tribute to Vatutin’s memory.

This lawlessness occurred 200 meters from the Ukrainian parliament and with the actual inactivity of the police. The police even defended the fascists from Kiev residents. However, the C-14 and the «Right Sector» did not appreciate this and took away the radio from the police. When Yuri Boyko tried to get to the monument, the fascists entered a brawl with his guards and sprayed a tear gas.

Galina Kulyk, a member of the Board of the National Platform ‘Women for Peace’, suffered from the spraying of gas. She went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a chemical burn of eyes and a face. During the brawl, one of the fascists was detained. He turned out to be a serviceman.

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