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Ukraine | Remake de Game of Thrones à l’ukrainienne — Maïdan saison 3 épisode 3 : la vengeance de Porochenko

Il y a quelques mois en arrière j’écrivais que plus le temps passait, et plus la politique ukrainienne ressemblait de plus en plus à un mauvais remake « made in Kiev » de la fameuse série Game of Thrones (« le jeu des trônes »), avec autant de rebondissements et de coups de poignard dans le dos que dans la série d’origine. D’ailleurs comme dans la série américaine, les personnages clés disparaissent aussi vite qu’ils (ré)apparaissent.

UN spotlights rainwater recycling, artificial wetlands among ‘green’ solutions to global water crisis

With five billion people at risk of having difficulty accessing adequate water by 2050, finding nature-based solutions, such as China’s rainwater recycling, India’s forest regeneration and Ukraine’s artificial wetlands, is becoming increasingly important, according to a United Nations report released Monday at the world’s largest water-related event in Brazil.

Ukraine | UN: There is no progress in the investigation of the Odessa massacre

The the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine reproached the law enforcement agencies for the lack of progress in the investigation of the shooting at the «Maidan» in 2014 and the tragedy of May 2 in Odessa. This was reported by the head of mission Fiona Fraser during the presentation of the 21st mission report.
«Four years after the events of the Maidan in Kiev, we still do not see significant progress in the investigation and bringing those responsible for these events to justice,» she said. The same, according to her, concerns the tragedy of May 2 in Odessa. «Relatives of the dead need justice — this is the main element in combating the atmosphere of lawlessness,» Fraser emphasized.
The UN mission also expressed concern over the existing pressure on the judicial system in the country, intimidation and criminal prosecution of judges in resonant cases.