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Only the people are able to resolve the conflict: a road map for Ukraine from Geneva

The future of Donbas, the causes of the conflict in Ukraine and possible ways of its settlement were discussed on Wednesday at the Geneva headquarters of the United Nations at the conference «One Day About Donbass».

The event was divided into two parts. The first was held in the Geneva office of the United Nations and was devoted to geopolitical analysis of the situation in Ukraine. It was attended by historian and political scientist of the National Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations Bruno Drweski; President of the Council of the Foundation of the Geneva Institute of International Relations Gabriel Galice; military political analyst, founder of the Stratpol.com website Xavier Moreau; professor of the Fordham University of New York Olena Nikolayenko, as well as Ukrainian political scientist, director of the Kiev Center for Political Studies and Conflict Studies Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

In the second part, held at the Swiss Press Club, the speakers were residents of the region and foreign journalists who visited Donbas. Participants in the meeting were also shown a film about the events in 2015 in this region, filmed by French journalist Anne-Laure Bonnel.

There is of yet no definitive solution to the crisis.

Swiss expert Gabriel Galis believes that there are two directions for resolving the crisis in Ukraine: external and internal.

«We already know the external level, we are talking about a so-called proxy war, when third countries settle accounts through their representatives on the spot, and therefore it is necessary to act on two tracks.» At the local level, Ukrainians must resolve the issue among themselves, and at the external level, there must be talks between Russians, Americans or Europeans, «he said.

Galis stressed that Europe can play its role as an important negotiator on the external track in order to clearly explain everything. According to him, it is necessary to convene a large conference on security, with the participation of all key countries and international institutions. Europe should finally wake up, and begin to pursue a policy of peacemaking, the expert believes.

According to the French analyst Xavier Moreau, the year 2019 will be catastrophic for Ukraine, in particular, in terms of the functioning of its economic system, since before the conflict, Kiev has earned on reselling Russian gas and selling its own coal reserves that were mined in the Donbass region. The expert noted that having lost these sources of income, Ukraine has put itself in an extremely difficult position, since Western investors will not invest in the gas transportation system of the country that is engaged in hostilities.

«2019 will become a test for the decaying economy of Ukraine, from which the whole world is tired,» Moreau added.

As long as the West supports the current authorities of Ukraine, the decision of the Ukrainian crisis can not be found, believes Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky. In his opinion, Kiev needs to begin to restore confidence with its eastern regions, prospects for which are currently not too bright.

«The Minsk agreements are obviously at an impasse since the crisis in Ukraine has become part of the geopolitical confrontation between Russia, the West and the US, given the wild Russophobic hysteria on the part of the US. This creates support for the Ukrainian side so as not to consider looking for any options for a compromise solution, «he said.

According to him, the talks between presidential aide Vladislav Surkov and the US State Department’s special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker give little hope that a situation can be created that will allow us to approach the resolution of the conflict to end hostilities in Ukraine. However, all subsequent discussions are unlikely.

«Further, it is strategically impossible to decide on the issue of granting a special status, introducing appropriate changes to the constitution of Ukraine, at least under the current authorities in Kiev,» he concluded.

Pogrebinsky also skeptically assessed the possibility of sending UN peacekeepers to Donbas.

«It seems to me that the option with peacekeepers is unrealistic, I do not see any prospects, these are negotiations for the sake of negotiations, the most realistic option is the deployment of peacekeepers on the border,» he said.

The historian and political scientist of the National Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations in Paris (INALCO) Bruno Drweski sharply criticized the strategy of chaos in US foreign policy. In the Middle East they take full control of the state power and economy of a country, destroy everything and leave. The same thing they do in Ukraine.
Speaking about the possibility of conflict resolution the expert stressed only the people are able to resolve the problem, because oligarchs in power have other interests. This also applies to Russian oligarchs who are «ready to succumb to the sirens of the wildest globalism»: «If something can be done by a policy of small steps, first of all it can be done by the forces of Ukrainian society; I do not think that the Ukrainians are sentenced to a permanent civil war. We saw in Yugoslavia, under more tragic circumstances, that as soon as the cannons stopped, a dialogue begins.»
Drweski concluded his speech with the following statement: «It is necessary that the real representatives of the people can express their opinion and talk each other…»

For Kiev, we are genetic garbage.

Anna Tuv, a resident of Gorlovka, told her story about what happened in the Donbas during mortar shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to her, for the government of Ukraine, the inhabitants of this region are «genetic garbage», and the whole situation is the aggression of Kiev towards the inhabitants of their country.

«All the people who live there (in the Donbas) live, were recognized as terrorists only because they did not want to leave their homes.» Purposeful and massively armed forces of Ukraine shelled hospitals, schools, shops, entire residential quarters, we could not go out into the street and lived in basements, my daughter, who was in fourth grade, had a manual in her backpack about what to do with the shelling. «They did not start school without a badge with all the information about the blood group» , — she told.

According to Anna, in this situation Gorlovka lived for several months. And two days after the signing of the Minsk agreements, the family of the woman was hit by another mortar shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. After being hit with several large-caliber projectiles, the woman lost her husband and child.

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