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Referendum in Catalonia has finished

Some 761 people have been injured in disturbances across Catalonia on Sunday, the regional government said, as riot police clashed with people who had gathered for a banned referendum on the region’s independence from Spain. Despite the police action, hundreds-strong queues of people formed in cities and villages throughout the region to cast their ballots.

Differences were apparent in the conduct of the national Civil Guard and the regional police, Mossos. In Catalonia’s pro-independence heartland north of Barcelona, the Catalan force made little attempt to remove people from polling stations.

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont originally said that if the “yes” vote won, the Catalan government would declare independence within 48 hours. Polls showed around 40 percent of the wealthy northeastern region want independence from Spain although a majority wanted a referendum on the issue and nothing more. But after referendum was prohibited public opinion could changed.

According to preliminary data about three million people came to the referendum on the independence of Catalonia, but not everyone could vote. Such data was given by the Catalan digital newspaper Naciodigital referring to sources in the regional government.

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