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Terrorist attack in Lugansk

Today in the center of Lugansk, the capital of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic, there was an explosion near the Government House. A woman was wondered and died on her way to the hospital. She was the captain of the medical service of the LPR. A few more people were injured. According to preliminary data, a homemade explosive device was put into the garbage bin.
Half an hour later in the center of Lugansk, near the site of the previous explosion, a second explosion occurred. According to preliminary data, a car exploded 50 meters from the site of the first explosion. The authorities of the republic urged the townspeople to refrain from moving along the streets.
Special services of the neighboring Donetsk People’s Republic warned a few days before the explosions that the Kiev regime is preparing terrorist attacks in the Donbas to the G20 summit opening.

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