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Ukrainian opposition journalist prosecuted under fabricated pretext

On June 22 about two dozen armed thugs from Ukrainian state security and National police stormed the office of the Ukrainian oppositional “Strana.ua” publication one of a few remaining Ukrainian publications which do not tow the government propaganda line.

As the editor-in-chief of the edition Igor Guzhva reported, at present their work is blocked. The search is connected to a falsification.

“A search is ongoing at the agency for a falsification. Details later,” he wrote.

In turn, the deputy chief editor Svetlana Kryukova reported the details of the seizure. From her words it is clear that the news-room is occupied by the employees of state security. The building of the business center is closed off at the entrance. Inside there are three editorial office employees, including the editor-in-chief Igor Guzhva.

The editor in chief of Strana.ua has been arrested. The GPU head in his Facebook post openly states that the actual reason for his arrest is the content of this online publication, which is one of the most popular in Ukraine.

But according to general prosecutor version the reason of arrest is corruption. Ukrainian MP Linko wrote an application to police that supposedly Guzhva demanded a bribe for removing of an article there Linko was mentioned.

Today a court had to make decision on Guzhva arrest. Guzhva stressed his arrest is provocation and he never contacted Linko. Unexpectedly Linko confirmed his words having declared that he doesn’t know the editor-in-chief at all.

Government supporters openly expressed they are pleased with Guzhva’s arrest. That measure would help to close Strana.ua and destroy influent opposition media.

Today Ukrainian court adopted decision to liberate Guzhva on bail. The total sum is low and journalist’s lawyers have announced he will be free on Monday. The prosecutor, anyway, was not satisfied with verdict and quickly prepares appeal to higher court. The struggle around the journalist continues. Ukrainian fascists have already called their supporters to pressure at the court.

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