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Ukrainian Nazis continue offensive… in the streets, courts and legislations

On June 1 Kiev’s city council has renamed one of the city’s major streets after Roman Shukhevich, a Ukrainian nationalist and Nazi officer who was commander of a radical militia responsible for mass murdering Jews and Poles during the World War II.

The decision was taken with 69 legislators voting in favor. An attempt to push the renaming through the same council failed last December, when it won only 41 votes. This time, the bill’s sponsors managed to collect the 61-vote benchmark needed to pass the draft into law.

The first attempt to rehabilitate and even venerate Shukhevich was done eight years ago. Shukhevich was awarded the title ‘Hero of Ukraine’ in 2009 by then-President Viktor Yushchenko, but the act was annulled by a court amid the ensuing scandal. The decision also marred Yushchenko’s visit to Israel, where it was condemned by the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum. “The units he commanded, supposedly fighting for Ukrainian independence, committed large scale murder during the war. He was a war criminal,” Yad Vashem’s director, Avner Shalev, wrote at the time.

The street that is now to be named after Shukhevich was previously called Vatutin Prospect after Nikolay Vatutin, a general who commanded the Red Army’s 1st Ukrainian front and died in 1944 when his car was ambushed by UPA fighters.

A week later Kiev Nazis attacked and beaten opposition journalist and politician in the center of Ukrainian capital. Nazis from C-14 paramilitary group assaulted a member of party “The Socialists” Denis Zharkikh when he walked out of Bankova street where Presidents administration is located. They assaulted him on the way from a protest rally in support of a Ukrainian dissident Ruslan Kotsaba. The leaders of Ukrainian C-14 Nazis openly called in their media to assault those who would protest against political repressions in Ukraine and then published the video of their crime.

As for journalist Ruslan Kotsaba whose supporters Ukrainian Nazis try to threaten, he is famous as conscience prisoner due to truthful reports from civil war zone in Eastern Ukraine. Kotsaba called to avoid conscription to the army in order to stop the civil war and since that time Kiev authorities dream for his isolation and imprisonment. Once Kotsaba was sentenced for imprisonment but was liberated due to EU MPs pressure. But now Kiev regime organized a new trial with the same accusation and fascist gangs provide it “appropriate” support in the streets.

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