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Left forces in Athens conclude capitalism entered the epoch of barbarity

On May 26-28, 4 Euro-Mediterranean workers’ conference of the left forces was held in Athens, organized by the Balkan Socialist Center Christian Rakovsky. The conference was held under the slogan «Against Capitalism, War, Fascism».
Representatives of the left and communist organizations of Greece, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Finland, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Palestine, South Africa and other countries attended the Conference. More than 80 delegates took part in the conference. Attention of the conference participants was focused on the problems of the general crisis of capitalism, whose numerous manifestations, according to the speakers, can be observed in modern conditions in all continents.

The work of the conference began with a general meeting representing the goals and objectives of the Conference and the leftist movement in the Balkan region. In the speeches of S. Matsas-Mikhail (Greece), T. Kraus (Hungary), H. Altamira (Argentina) and other speakers, concern was expressed about the escalation of armed conflicts and the real threat of regional conflicts escalating into a world war. Speakers stressed the need to intensify the left-wing political forces designed to organize and lead the struggle of workers for their rights and for world peace.

Then the work of the Conference participants continued in thematic sessions, during which the political situation in various regions of the world was analyzed.
The main idea of the speech of S. Matsas-Mikhail (Greece) is that the policy of neo-liberalism, carried out by the leaders of the capitalist world, everywhere leads to an attack on workers’ rights. The world entered the era of capitalist barbarism. The institutions of bourgeois democracy degenerated and degenerated, becoming a tool for the realization of the power of the oligarchic imperialist circles. Obviously, there is a need for social emancipation, the speaker concluded.

The report of the delegate from the Ukrainian left P. Kochin was devoted to the consideration of the social and economic situation in the country. The speaker concluded there is a deep crisis in all spheres of Ukraine’s public life: the GDP was 65% of the 2009 level, the social gains of workers are being dismantled, the reforms in public education and health are threatening to make them inaccessible to entire sections of the population. Degradation of the socio-economic sphere, according to the speaker, is accompanied by a sharp turn to the right in the domestic political life of the country. P. Kochin cited specific facts that indicate the  far-right and frankly fascist elements came to the real governance of the country. In these conditions, the broad support of the Ukrainian left is needed capable to withstand negative and dangerous trends.

Evgeni Nikitin’s speech was devoted to the tendencies of the political life of Bulgaria. The speaker stated that the growth of nationalistic sentiments led odious pro-fascist figures to the influent places in the country’s politics. Bulgaria — a potential candidate for «Ukrainization», which will be held by the West on already known recipes, the reporter believes.

  1. Matsa elaborated on the problems of organizing anti-fascist and leftist protest movements in Greece, told about the demands of the demonstrators, their slogans and the prospects of anti-imperialist statements. She also talked about the plight of refugees from Arab and African countries who can not get enough help in Greece.

The delegate from Palestine spoke about the plight of political prisoners-Palestinians, who are on a hunger strike in an Israeli prison these days in protest against the persecution for political reasons. The conference expressed solidarity with their struggle.

The outcome of the Conference was the conclusion that more and more regions of the planet are being drawn into armed conflicts, and this is becoming a global threat to the world. In the face of this threat, it is necessary to rally all progressive forces and organize resistance to the onset of reaction.

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