Ukrainian fascists suppress Russian culture

Yesterday in the evening fascist thugs broke up the final stage of public contest for Russian theatre director replacement. The owner of the Russian theatre of Odessa is a state, but theatre actors have right for self-management and internal autonomy in their cultural activity. That is why Kiev regime tries to put this kind of theatres under control in order to kill Russian culture in Ukraine.

The position of the director is replaced by the competition. The theater staff nominated Alexandr Kopaygora, who has been in charge of the theater since 2002. However, the Kiev regime has its own candidate. This candidate had no chance to win the contest. Therefore, Ukrainian fascists interfered in the matter. On March 20, the fascists from «Avtomaydan» and «Democratic Youth of Ukraine» broke into the final meeting of the competitive commission and forced Alexander Kopaygora to refuse to participate in the contest. As a result, the candidate who suits Ukrainian nationalists won.

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