Daily Archives: March 5, 2017

Russian and Syrian forces retake Palmyra from Isil

Syria’s Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums released early images of the damage at Palmyra on Thursday night, including the destruction of the central arch and façade of the Roman theater and the Tetrapylon, a four-sided columned gate that marked a crossroads of the ancient city.

100,000-year-old human skulls from east Asia reveal complex mix of trends in time, space

Two partial archaic human skulls, from the Lingjing site, Xuchang, central China, provide a new window into the biology and populations patterns of the immediate predecessors of modern humans in eastern Eurasia.

Securely dated to about 100,000 years ago, the Xuchang fossils present a mosaic of features.

Ukraine | Will Ukraine Remain a Neo-Nazi Dictatorship?

…Exactly 76 years ago, in February-March, 1941, on that part of Poland occupied by the Germany of Adolf Hitler, the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) according to the agreement reached with the Abver started the creation of the so-called “Druzhina of Ukrainian nationalists”, for the fight on that territory of Poland that, according to the tacit partition between Germany and the USSR, was handed over by Joseph Stalin to Soviet Ukraine, and was called “Galicia”, being considered at this time as “primordial Ukrainian lands”.