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France | Qui a violé le Mémorandum de Budapest? Qui a annexé la Crimée?

Vincent Parlier

Memorandum de Budapest (1994) : ce qu’il en est vraiment
Le Mémorandum de Budapest, sujet totalement oublié jusqu’en 2014, revient à présent souvent dans la bouche des accusateurs de la Russie. Celle-ci aurait violé sans scrupules le dit mémorandum soit-disant “respecté par tous”, méritant ainsi sanctions et réactions de toutes sortes.

UK | Physicist Stephen Hawking Fundraises for Palestinian Students

by Naomi Zeveloff

Palestinian physics students just got a boost from world famous British physicist Stephen Hawking.

Hawking, perhaps the most influential living scientist, asked his 3.8 million Facebook followers to pitch in to the Palestinian Advanced Physics School, a physics lecture series for West Bank masters students.

Italy | Italian activists are preparing a new Antifascist Caravan to Donbas

David Cacchione, Italian activist: We are preparing a new Antifascist Caravan in support of Donbass

From the very beginning of the Maidan and the tragedy at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, we have tried in every way to support the antifascists of Donbass.

 Theaters, concerts, interviews, debates: Everywhere, we talk about the mass killings of civilians, bombs that fall every day and violate the Minsk agreement. We declare the OSCE observers as “deliberately ignorant” as the governments which pay them. Europe disregards the facts, European governments finance the Nazi government in Kiev, and the war continues.
Along with many of our comrades and together with the USB (Unione Sindacale di Base) we are preparing an Antifascist Caravan which is scheduled to arrive in Donbass on May 1, 2017, to help, to show once again who are the antifascists of Europe, the union workers who will never abandon the people of Donbass.
No pasaran!
David Cacchione is a member of the musical group Banda Bassotti.