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Women movement activist from Pakistan calls to celebrate Russian revolution anniversary

Rubina Jamil, women activist and trade unionist from Pakistan, has shared an international appeal on coming international women’s day.

First of all she stressed the role of coming date. «We are celebrating 8th March International Women’s Day to commemorate and pay tribute to those brave women who started their struggle for peace, bread and liberty, and also against the war in Russia in 1917. We all are proud that these women workers led this struggle.»

Rubina Jamil expressed joint view of her social movement in Pakistan:

«We are going to celebrate 100 years of the Russian Revolution, which is still a great benchmark for all the working class, for all the peasants, for all the oppressed people, youth and also women workers. The Russian revolution is still a great inspiration to all of us.»

She also explained why Russian women experience is still important for her region:

«Today we, the women, are the victims of the violence, by the state, at home and by the war. In my country Pakistan, and also in Afghanistan, India, and Sri Lanka, women are facing an enormous kind of violence. Thousands of women have been killed in terrorists attacked — terror planted by imperialism — whilst they are subjected to the traditional and social norms that are applicable to women in patriarchal and feudalistic systems, systems that place them as a third-grade citizens of the society. They face enormous kinds of violence at home and at work place, too.

So let us break all these chains and celebrate March 8th with great zeal, and raise our voices against all forms of discrimination, exploitation and injustice. Let us pay great tribute to the Russian Working Women who started their struggle in 1917 for Bread, Peace and Liberty.

I call on all women around the world to start mass mobilisation, to fight for peace and to break all the chains, to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th and hold rallies alongside their male counterparts and with joined hands to raise the slogans: “Women want peace and liberty! Women say no to war”.

It is also my request to form an International Committee to hold these rallies on the International Women’s Day against War, Exploitation and Injustice…»

“Let us struggle with join hands to end violence, war and Exploitation. Long Live the Working Class! Long Live International Solidarity!” – Rubina Jamil finally wrote.


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