Daily Archives: December 25, 2016

Russia | 64 members of world-renowned Alexandrov army band missing in Tu-154 crash

Most of the passengers on the Tu-154 plane that crashed after taking off from Sochi were members of the world-famous Alexandrov Ensemble army choir, en route to Syria to perform at the Latakia airbase.

Its immensely rich and varied repertoire of over 2,000 numbers found the key to the hearts of many people from different generations.

Poland | Political crisis in Poland

Poland faces a constitutional crisis that began whilst the Civic Platform coalition still had majority in Parliament. Under this coalition an amendment was passed that allowed for parliament to elect 3 judges to the Constitutional Court in place of those whose terms were to expire before the next parliamentary election. However, the Civic Platform chose to elect an additional 2 judges, whose seats were not open for election. These seats were only supposed to become available after the next parliamentary elections. The trigger of the current constitutional conflict can be found in the election of these 2 judges, which was deemed to unconstitutional by the very same court. It has also allowed Prawo i Sprawiedziwość[1](PiS) to attempt to blame the previous government for initiating the crisis. However, it is the position that PiS has chosen to take, a position in which they deem parliament to have absolute power over any other democratic institution that has in fact led to this crisis.

Italy | The Italian Banking Crisis: No Free Lunch – Or Is There?

by Ellen Brown

It has been called “a bigger risk than Brexit”– the Italian banking crisis that could take down the eurozone. Handwringing officials say “there is no free lunch” and “no magic bullet.” But UK Prof. Richard Werner says the magic bullet is just being ignored.