Daily Archives: December 1, 2016

Ukraine | Kiev regime has limited supply of water to Donbas

According to messages from Lugansk, since December 1 supply of drinking water to the city is limited. The city is supplied with water from the river Seversky Donets. During the civil war on Donbas Kiev took under control the territory to the North from the river, however couldn’t take the territory located to the South where Lugansk People’s Republic was formed. The main water intakes appeared under control of Kiev, therefore the capital of the self-proclaimed republic depends on water supply.

The Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro

an Interview with Prof. Filip Kovačević

Prof. dr Filip Kovačević is the chairman of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro (MNMNE), a civic organization that opposes the membership of Montenegro in military alliances, either in NATO (currently the policy of the Montenegrin government) or in the Russian-dominated block. Filip is on leave as associate professor at the University of Montenegro and now teaches at the University of San Francisco as adjunct professor. He is an expert on critical theory and geopolitics. This interview was conducted by Vladimir Unkovski-Korica (VUK), member of the Serbian group Marks21, and a historian and lecturer at the University of Glasgow.

USA | Thanksgiving in Los Angeles: Widespread hunger and homelessness

By Marc Wells

While over the Thanksgiving holiday in the US public officials posture as humanists and philanthropists and the media broadcasts hypocritical messages of good will, a closer look reveals a squalid picture of decay affecting wide layers of American society.