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Legal opposition is under pressure in Ukraine

Ukrainian parliament is well known for regularly fights between MPs. On November 14th at a meeting of coordination board there was another conflict between deputies. The leader of oppositional fraction Yuriy Boyko hit the leader of a neo-fascist Radical party Oleg Lyashko. Oleg Lyashko began to accuse Boyko that he acts according to instructions from Moscow. Boyko didn’t sustain and tried to punish the offender. The fighting deputies were separated by colleagues. The conflict had no consequences for both participants.

A fight between Lyashko and Boyko is not a funny episode, but reflection of more serious problem. Regime ruling in Kiev subjects stigmatizations of all the opponents even if they act in the legal field and maintain territorial integrity of Ukraine. The Oppositional block headed by Yuriy Boyko is the only one large party which is in moderate opposition to the regime and has many deputies in representative bodies. An economic situation is catastrophic in the country, therefore popularity of the Oppositional block grows. To suppress activity of opposition the neo-fascist regime tries to present the opponents as agents of Russia and in parallel subjects them to intimidation. The same day after the fight in parliament pressure upon deputies from the Oppositional block in regions began. In the evening on November 14th unknown attacked the deputy of the Nikolayev city council Larisa Veselovskaya and beat her. The deputy declared political persecution. On November 15 two deputies of the Kherson city council declared that they are prosecuted from intelligence agencies. Intelligence agencies examine them and put upon them pressure that deputies ceased to be engaged in oppositional activities.


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