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USA | Anti-War Movement Anticipates More War Under A Clinton Presidency

As the bizarre 2016 presidential election nears its end, activists in the United States are considering the prospects for war and peace under the next administration.

And with Hillary Clinton leading comfortably in most polls, the Democratic nominee’s militaristic record, as well as her promises to expand the use of force, are sparking concern.

Indo-Pakistan tensions escalate

By Wasantha Rupasinghe
8 November 2016

Geo-political tensions between India and Pakistan surged over the weekend as cross-border firing continued in both directions along the Line of Control (LoC), the de-facto border between the Indian- and Pakistani-held portions of disputed Kashmir. More than two dozen people, mostly civilians, have been killed in military exchanges over the past two weeks.

USA | USA Elections: A Revolutionary View

by Ron Ridenour

Perhaps the biggest perceived political dilemma for the world right now is what will happen in the United States, and thereby to the world, depending on which of the two becomes president. Because of this unprecedented hate-filled election campaign, many pundits consider this election to be the most important in USA history.