Daily Archives: November 1, 2016

Venezuela | The Truth About Venezuela’s Opposition

Western journalists can’t admit that Venezuela’s opposition is neither democratic nor peaceful.


For the corporate media, “blue lives” seem to matter in a lot of places. Just not in Venezuela.

Romania | Romania: Anti-austerity strike wave culminates in huge public sector strike

by Alex Moldovan

The severe austerity implemented in Romania in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, carried out on the backs of working people, has spurred a period of accelerated economic growth and rising profits but it has been at the expense of the hard strapped workers of Romania. In this context the pent up anger and frustration has led to the calling of indefinite strikes in the public sector, starting today.

UK | Uber drivers win employment case

by Lindsey German

Uber drivers win the right to be classed as workers as opposed to self-employed, in a huge step forward for the labour movement, reports Lindsey German

The victory of two Uber drivers in a London employment tribunal today is a victory for us all. Uber claims not – it says the case only refers to the two drivers who brought it and that it will, in any case, appeal. But it has blown open the fiction beloved of so many employers that their employees are ‘self-employed’.  The ruling said that the drivers are deserving of paid break and holidays, and that they must have the minimum wage.