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Silence regime in Donbas has been violated again

The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics intend to introduce silence regime in the zone of the military conflict in Donbas unilaterally since September 15. It was stated by the Heads of the DPR and LPR Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky.
«We state that at midnight overnight to September 15 we stop shelling any territory, conducting any military operations and we urge the Ukrainian side to regard this seriously and to show in practice that they are ready to do it, but not to make declarative statements,» noted Zakharchenko.
According to Plotnitsky, Lugansk also urges Kiev to follow this example.
«I gave corresponding instructions to set «silence regime» at 00:00 o’clock overnight to September 15, 2016. All the units of the Lugansk People’s Republic’s People’s Militia are strictly forbidden to open fire in response to any shellings and provocations of the Ukrainian army and the National Guard,» stated Plotnitsky.
The LPR Head also stated that the Lugansk People’s Republic hadn’t violated silence regime since September 1.
Earlier the staff of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) informed that over the past few days the number of violations has grown sharply on the contact line of the parties in Donbas.
On September 14 these intentions were broken by Kiev regime. As Donetsk information agency reported after midnight there was held a heavy artillery shelling of Donetsk by the Kiev controlled forces from their positions near the locality of Avdeyevka. The Ukrainian army and fascist departments launched artillery shells of 122 and 152 mm caliber onto the residential areas in the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk, the village of Oktyabrsky and the locality of Yasinovataya. The local residents were being evacuated to shelters.


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