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«It’s Weird that U.S. Citizens Don’t Know»

In early September 2016, a Veterans For Peace delegation traveled to the small island of Okinawa, Japan to stand in solidarity with the local people to oppose the construction of new helipads. 3 members of the delegation were former US Marines who were once stationed on Okinawa and are now standing with the local people.

Japan currently host over 120 US military installations/bases, 33 of them are on the tiny island of Okinawa. 80% of the local residents disapprove of the construction of new helipads saying that it will destroy their pristine Yanbaru forest, their community life, as well as increase the already existing problem of aircraft disturbing their everyday life. US military aircraft conducts training exercise over the civilian population with no respect to local citizens.

The tense history between the US military and the people of Okinawa involve crimes by US military such as aircraft crashing into universities, personnel raping and murdering women, environmental pollution, and noise pollution.


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