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Ukrainians accused of terrorism and banditry do not use weapons

Statistics of political repressions in Ukraine was recently released, although human rights organizations associated with Western imperialism prefer to ignore it. Details were published by Donetsk blogger Denis Seleznev. According to the received information at its disposal, on the territory controlled by the Kiev, about 850 people have been arrested for political reasons since 2014. Among them there are about 50 women. This information is incomplete because it does not include the persons arrested by the Nazi gangs in a war zone — no statistics for these people exists.
Age of arrested distributed as follows: to 30 years 31%, from 30 to 50 years — 55%, from 50 to 70 years — 14%, more than 70 years — 0.3%. Three women are espessially striking on this background: Nina Y. Zinkova born in 1939, Svetlana K. Bogdanova born in 1940 and Diana P. Nikiforova born in 1941. All three women are accused of creating a terrorist group. Two died in prison, and Nikiforova is still in Lukyanovka detention facility in Kiev. According to this indicator Ukraine could qualify for inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records.
In regions of Ukraine political prisoners are distributed as follows: Donetsk region 35%, Kharkov region 14%, Lugansk — 12%, Odessa — 10%, Dnepropetrovsk 8%, Zaporozhe — 6%, Kyiv city 6%. The remaining regions accounted for 9%.
The vast majority of those arrested is accused of creating a terrorist group or illegal armed formation on the basis of Articles 258 and 260 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The share of these charges accounts for 75% of all the charges. However, only 17% of the charges are reduced to the illegal use of weapons, ammunition and explosives. It follows from this paradoxical conclusion: the majority of the defendants had no weapons. How can somebody create a terrorist gang or group without weapons? The objectives of such associations suggest physical violence and the need to use the weapons, but the Ukrainian terrorists, according to intelligence service, prefer some unusual non-violent terrorism and banditry.
Oddities disappear, if you study the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Articles 258 and 260 have one feature: if a person voluntarily came out of terrorist group or illegal gang and went to cooperate with the authorities, it would be exempt from criminal liability or his/her punishment gets relaxed. Ukrainian security services specially selected such accusations to be able to offer a victim the deal. In exchange for the recognition of his/her guilt the victim receives a light sentence, otherwise he/she faces a lengthy trial. Such processes can last for years, and all this time the victim will be in prison.
Statistics of court sentences for political prisoners confirmed this conclusion. Currently the sentences received by about 300 people. Among them, 61% received a suspended sentence, the others received various prison terms of one to fourteen years of age, and only 1.5 % was acquitted. About half of the prisoners are still waiting for the verdict. Thus, terrorism and banditry are not talking. Arrests on suspicion of terrorism and banditry are a way to intimidate the opposition, which Kiev regime regularly uses against its people.

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