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Ukraine | Rape, Torture, Robbery: Victim Testimonies Against Ukrainian Tornado Battalion

Tanya Chornovil, even though a schizophrenic, suddenly realised she had to change shoes on the go. Maidan’s activist who briefly served in the “Aidar” battalion, accused her former brothers in arms of sadism and torture.
According to deputy, during the arrest of the commanders of the “Tornado” battalion, their phones were seized and videos of rape were found on them. In particular, a video on one of the phones shows how non-humans from volunteer battalions raped a six-month-old baby. One more time, I focus your attention: Chornovil made this recognition pubic on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, and not on social networks or personal correspondence.
“When the commanders of Tornado were arrested, their mobile phones were seized. And a horrible video was on these phones. A really horrible video that is now part of the case materials. It is a video of different sexual orgies and rapes. I can even say that even babies are present in it. I understand it in the way that the mother of this infant was forced to do it under the threat of death of her child. There were also rapes of underage girls,” said the activist of Maidan. According to her, ” they are animals, not human beings”. However, Tanya forgot that these same animals under her orders and under her oversight during the days of the revolution went to storm the office of the Party of Regions (PoR), where the technical assistant of the PoR was beaten to death with metal poles, when the building was set on fire and members of the battalion openly mocked secretaries, tearing off their gold chains and earrings. At this time, Chornovil set these “animals” as an example to all and called them patriots and freedom fighters of the nation. But strangely, “tornado” members, when they added the rape of babies to their arson and deliberate murders, for some reason, the mistress of Pashinsky was knocked off balance.
Also the “seeker of Yanukovych’s “Golden Loaf” strongly mowed down a military strategist – hero of Ilovaisk Semen Semenchenko – who supported the rapists of children during the trial and demanded the liberation of pervert-heroes by burning tires near the Obolon’s “temple of justice” building. “And I understand why he does it. He knows that in our information space all he will say will be spreaded. And that the truth is, regrettably, will not. Semenchenko cares exclusively about his own PR. He knows that whatever animals he protects, it will be on his side. Here… Semenchenko has to carry responsibility. I believe that this is the last straw, he will go to jail,” summed up the MP.
It seems like Chornovil and others “Maidan animals” like her decided to sink yesterday’s defenders of the Motherland from “Putin’s hordes” – in order to avoid their own responsibility crimes. Because those who doesn’t wear pots on their heads, remember very well how Chernovols, Pashinskys and Parubys, directly from the Maidan, sent “to the front” battalions of sadists, murderers, perverts, and drug addicts, being released from prison and armed by the Turchynov’s regime, which at this moment, had the position of President and speaker. It is obvious that the public release and recognition by “brothers in arms” of atrocities by “Tornado” will further “intensify” the wish of the residents of Donbass to return to the “Unified Ukraine”, where they will be met by “sadists”, “cannibals”, and “executioners”, which are the call signs of volunteers who fought in the ATO zone.

USA | Western Media Responds to Latest Ukrainian Sabotage of Crimea

Western governments and media have a problem with the right-wing regime that is governing Ukraine. The country’s economy is a shambles. Even the regime’s own backers in the West acknowledge the country and its economy are hopelessly mired in corruption.

Egyptian trade unionists call on global labour movement to support Alexandria Shipyard workers

Leading Egyptian trade unionists have launched an open letter calling on the global labour movement to mobilise solidarity for the Alexandria Shipyard workers, as the military court postponed the verdict in their trial for a second time until 18 September. The workers will face another month in horrific detention conditions without knowing whether they will face a jail term for organising to improve their pay and conditions at work. The 26 workers were sent to trial after the military police surrounded the Shipyard in May this year, and arrested workers on charges of “incitement to strike”.