Daily Archives: August 10, 2016

UK | Saudi Arabia resumes Yemen bombing campaign after peace talks collapse

At least 14 people have been killed in Sanaa as Saudi Arabia resumed its bombardment of the Yemeni capital.

The civilians, who were working overnight shifts at a potato chip factory in the Nahda district, were killed following the disintegration of peace talks, according to medics.

China | Russia, Turkey mend ties

By Chen Weihua

Foreign policy experts have praised the meeting on Tuesday between Russian President Vladimir and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the first between the two since Ankara shot down a Moscow warplane in November.

The meeting in Putin’s hometown of St Petersburg was Erdogan’s first trip abroad since the failed coup against him last month that has marred Turkey’s relations with the United States.

Ukraine | Local council deputy from Ukraine spent 15 months in secret jail

People often disappear in Ukraine. Some of them were kidnapped by security services and accused of separatism. Kidnapped people are contained in special secret prisons. UN in the spring of 2016 condemned this practice, but Ukrainian security services have denied the existence of secret prisons. Meanwhile, one of the victims that have passed through this prison, recently gave an interview.
At the time of the kidnapping Konstantin Beskorovainy was a deputy city council in Konstantinovka, Donbas region. He was a member of the Communist Party of Ukraine. On 27 November he was kidnapped by unknowns. A few days later Beskorovainy found himself in a jail of SBU in Kharkov. In a cell measuring approximately 30 square meters there were 13 people. Employees of Ukrainian security services beat him and other prisoners. All the time, while Beskorovainy was in prison, the SBU denied the fact of his detention and his wife’s requests responded that it had no information of his imprisonment.
Officially deputy was suspected of intending to poison city ponds with cyanide. However, the trial has never begun. February 26, 2016 Beskorovainy was released with the condition not to tell anyone about the holding by the SBU. After the liberation the deputy was four months treated by doctors. And he will have even surgery in the future.
According Beskorovainy at the time of its release in the SBU Kharkov were at least more than 16 people detained.