Daily Archives: July 30, 2016

Yerevan standoff: Police disperse rally supporting gunmen

Supporters of the armed group that stormed a police department on July 17 initiated yet another rally on Friday, July 29.

Demonstrators gathered on Thursday too but the protest was called off due to the heavy rain in the Armenian capital.

The ‘New Colonialism’: the case of Western Sahara

A new report shows that the British scramble for Africa is a continuation of the country’s foreign policy legacy, Tom Lebert writes.

Over the past few decades, as world commodity markets have boomed, there has been a new ‘scramble for Africa’ with governments and companies seeking to control the continents valuable mineral, oil and gas resources.

Ukraine | Ukrainian high school teachers dismissed for a trip to Crimea

Repression began against the Ukrainian teachers for a trip to Crimea. The other day, on the order of the minister of education Lilia Grinevich, associate professor of the department of translation and language training for foreigners in Oles Gonchar Dnepropetrovsk National University Lyudmila Strebul was dismissed for a trip to the Crimea at the conference “Russian language in a multicultural world.”
10th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Russian language in a multicultural world” held in Yalta from 8 to 11 June 2016. It was attended by scientists from ten countries, including three from Ukraine. Besides Strebul assistant professor of language preparation of the Zaporozhye State Medical University Vladimir Haylik participated in the conference, and professor of department of Russian language in Dragomanov Kyiv National Pedagogical University Irina Zaitseva was not only an ordinary member, but a member of the program committee.
The scandal emerged five days ago after a public denunciation of the journalist Yacov Noskov, who works on the Ukrainian TV channel “1 + 1”, known for its aggressive Russophobic views. The Ministry of Education demanded that the rectors of all three universities explain the behavior of their subordinates. At the moment, education minister boasted that Lyudmila Sterbul already dismissed, the fate of the others teachers remains unknown.