Daily Archives: Июль 4, 2016

Colombia’s peace deals in depth: End of Conflict

After three and a half years of negotiations, Colombia’s government and FARC rebels finally agreed on a bilateral ceasefire, and the guerrillas’ demobilization and disarmament.

In the fifth of five substantial points on the initial agenda, the warring parties also agreed to let Colombia’s Supreme Court decide how best to seek public ratification of the eventual peace deal.

Baghdad bombing: Casualties in Karrada rise to 347

The security committee in Baghdad Provincial Council stated on Sunday that the casualties of the ISIS suicide bombing that occurred earlier today in Karrada have increased to 347, while informed that the resources available with Ministry of Defense is not enough and that they are not capable of managing security in the capital.

The Palestinian struggle for self-determination: A new phase?

by Richard Falk

It is notable that this latest phase of Palestinian national struggle is being waged nonviolently

There are many reasons to consider the Palestinian struggle for self-determination a lost cause. Israel exerts unchallenged paramilitary control over the Palestinian people, a political reality accentuated periodically by brutal attacks on Gaza causing massive civilian casualties.

Canada | Ottawa won’t say if former Ukrainian prime minister is now a Canadian citizen, as Russian media report