A call to occupy public spaces all over the globe on May 15th, 2016, for a #GlobalDebout

Since 31 March 2016, participants in the Nuit Debout  movement have been occupying public areas and have transformed them  into spaces for citizen exchange, learning and creation. Born out of the protest against the recent French labor law, this reclamation of the public space has enabled us to create a place for collective reflection,  in which everyone has a right to speech and can reappropriate politics.

We know that we belong to what has now become a global mobilization. Links that already existed between movements, and that are being activated today, are growing more intense throughout the world. Converging struggles follow a common logic, to defend our most fundamental rights:  work, housing, environment, free speech, assembly…

The Nuit Debout movement’s first goal was to create a space for the convergence of struggles, promoting citizen debating, and the sharing of experiences, thoughts and alternative solutions.

If on May 15th, dozens, hundreds, thousands of citizens seize the public space throughout the globe, this day will mark the internationalization of our struggles.

Facing tax evasion, the destruction of our environment or the global deepening of inequalities, our actions must be global and defend our fundamental rights.

Let’s put an end to their wars!

Let’s put an end to the exploitation of workers, all over the globe!

Let’s put an end to corruption, tax evasion, austerity and the debt!

Let’s stop the destruction of our environment!

On May 15th, let’s act! In our neighborhoods, our towns, our villages.

It is time to connect, to stand all together.

On May 15th, let’s occupy public spaces all over the world, for a GlobalDebout.

►We invite you to come to Paris for an International gathering of movements at Place de la République on May 7 and 8.




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