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China | China, Russia to hold first computer-assisted anti-missile drill

China and Russia will hold their first joint computer-assisted anti-missile drill this month, a move analysts believe will help counteract the increasing deployment of US weapons on their doorsteps.
The Ministry of National Defense and the Russian Defense Ministry announced late on Tuesday that the drill will be held later this month at a Russian defense force research center. The goal of the drill is to “address urgent and provocative strikes by ballistic and cruise missiles against the territory of the two countries”, the Chinese ministry said.
Although both ministries said the drill “does not target any third party”, observers said the two countries are faced with imminent challenges posed by the US plan to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile-interceptor system in the Republic of Korea.

Armenian government can recognize Nagorno-Karabakh republic, if Azerbaijan renews a war

The government of Armenia on Thursday, May 5 endorsed a draft law for the recognition of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.
The draft law will further be introduced to Armenia’s National Assembly.
Earlier, MPs Hrant Bagratyan and Zaruhi Postanjyan introduced the proposal to the government.
According to them, Nagorno Karabakh meets the preconditions of international law for a sovereign state.
Yerevan’s decision to recognize Nagorno Karabakh’s independence will be determined by negotiations between the two Armenian states, also taking into consideration further developments and external factors, the Deputy Foreign Minister said later.
“There is no alternative to a peaceful settlement,” Shavarsh Kocharyan said.
“And if Azerbaijan attempts to avoid reaching a ceasefire and renews aggression, the issue of recognition will certainly be included in the agenda.”
Asked if the recognition would mean an end to the Minsk Group-mediated peace process, Kocharyan said: “It is Azerbaijan’s aggression that would bring the process to an end.”

USA | President Trump? US War Machine Rolls On

There’s little doubt that, as president, Hillary Clinton will enact the same sorts of disastrous and criminal policies that her predecessors of both parties have pursued. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is being lauded by many as a much needed change in terms of US foreign policy, someone whose ideas and actions will be guided by a very different understanding of the world.

France | Ukrainian police against four old French people

On May 2nd 2014, a peaceful rally took place on Kulikovo field in Odessa, during which activists who had opposed the recent coup in Kiev were gathering signatures demanding a referendum for a federal organization of the Ukraine. This is when they were attacked by right-wing radicals and pro-Maidan neo-fascists of the Pravy-sektor. Many took refuge in the House of Trade Unions, which the assailants set on fire, and were burned alive. Those who jumped out of windows were beaten to death on the ground. According to official reports, at least 48 of the activists died—a number that doubles when including those who have disappeared—and hundreds were injured.