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Ukrainian Nazi attacked a leader of left party

In Zaporozhe Ukrainian Nazi attacked and severely beaten Vasily Volga – the leader of the Left forces league. A month before many Ukrainian left groups entered this party. As media reported prohibited Communist party and some small communist groups joint the Left forces league as a legal party able to survive under the anticommunist laws. This party is quite moderate in its political platform and looks like social-democratic force. Vasily Volga came to Zaporozhe for the meeting with his new members. But Nazi thugs surrounded him and beaten. Thanks to police intervention Volga stayed alive, in other case he would be beaten to death.
The attack was led by “Azov” – Nazi grouping affiliated with the Ministry of interior.
One day before Volga came to Poltava, but regional authorities banned all planned meetings. This is a part of wide campaign against new left party.


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