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German professor dismissed from IGFM because of interviews for “News Front”

Professor of Tübingen University in the field of earth sciences and anthropometric geography Rainer Rothfuss (Rainer Rothfuß), who held a senior position in the “Human Rights International Society» (IGFM), was dismissed from his post under pressure from German politicians for interview he gave to a news agency “News Front”. “News Front” is a popular internet news agency backing self-proclaimed republics in Eastern Ukraine.
“I agreed to give an interview to the “News Front”, because I thought that the conflict in Ukraine has such explosive force that can even turn into a very big conflict, and even the world one. I did not want to be accused that I do not want to understand some certain things and do not use the opportunity to resolve the conflict”, – Rainer Rothfuss said.
“In an interview I described the mechanisms of origin of the enemy image in this conflict. And simply closely examined the question of the role played by the NATO and the West”, – the professor said.
“It was shocking that 3 hours later the interview was published on the “News Front” I has received the first threat posed by MEP Michael Haler of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), who threatened that IGFM may seek another circle of patrons, if it is now a new course. Due to the fact that we look too critical behind the front line of these conflicts”, – he said.
“I also talked about human rights violations in Ukraine, which began under the government led by Poroshenko, which we together with the department of international human rights organizations have demanded to tell the public. But it has never reached our media”, – Rothfuss said.
“I was called for voluntary resign in three. All references about me on the Internet were removed only because different policies intervened in the case. And it was not just Michael Haler, and Bernd Posselt of the CSU party, which no longer represented in the European Parliament. There were others, and I have written confirmation”, – the professor said.

The interview professor was dismissed for:


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