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UK | UK prime minister defends super-rich in statement on Panama Papers revelations

By Julie Hyland
12 April 2016

Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron, used his statement to parliament on the “Panama Papers” leak to mount a robust defence of the super-rich, while dispensing a few sops in the form of pledges to crack down on tax evasion and “aggressive tax avoidance.”

Ukraine | Every month Ukrainian security services arrest opposition bloggers for posts in social networks

Every month Ukrainian security services arrest opposition bloggers for posts in social networks.

In late January, security service arrested a blogger from Dnepropetrovsk. Intelligence agencies have accused him of spying for the rebels of Donbas and disseminating separatist ideas. http://korrespondent.net/city/dnepropetrovsk/3619752-v-dnepropetrovske-zaderzhaly-admynystratora-separatystskykh-hrupp
In mid-February another blogger was arrested in Dnepropetrovsk. Intelligence agencies have accused him that he called to evade conscription to the army and not to participate in the civil war. He was also accused of spying for the rebels. http://korrespondent.net/city/dnepropetrovsk/3629516-v-dnepropetrovske-zaderzhaly-admyna-antyukraynskoi-hruppy
Early in April security forces arrested a woman in Lviv. She has worked in the Border Guard. In her free time she administrated some blogs there she called to not fight against the Donbas and supported local insurgents. http://korrespondent.net/city/lvov/3662751-vo-lvove-pohranychnytsa-vela-antyukraynskye-hruppy-v-sotssetiakh
According to intelligence agencies, all three prisoners campaigned for the creation of (Novorossia) New Russia.
Thus, the Ukrainian special services purify the Internet from opposition sentiment, using as a pretext communication with the rebels of Donbas. Ukrainian authorities continue to consider any connection with the rebels as a basis for prosecution. This policy means that reconciliation within the framework of the Minsk process is not expected. The government of Ukraine still continues a policy of suppression of its opponents.

Turkey Crackdown Chronicle: Week of April 10

Turkey releases Syrian journalist
Turkish authorities released Syrian journalist Omar Abu Khalil today, Syrian journalist Rami Jarrah, who was himself detained in Turkey in February 2016, wrote on the social media website Facebook. Turkish authorities had detained Abu Khalil for 23 days without charge, Jarrah wrote.