Daily Archives: April 12, 2016

Protesters take to the streets across Europe

Tens of thousands of people have occupied the streets of major European capitals in recent days. Could this spring mark the start of a new cycle of struggles?

In what may turn out to become a very hot spring, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in major European capitals to protest against their governments, call for the resignation of their political leaders and take back control of their lives.

UK | How a US president and JP Morgan made Panama: and turned it into a tax haven


This goes back a long way. The Panamanian state was originally created to function on behalf of the rich and self-seeking of this world – or rather their antecedents in America – when the 20th century was barely born.

The Netherlands | Dutch vote against EU-Ukraine treaty: final result

Dutch voters rejected the Ukraine-EU treaty by a large margin in a non-binding referendum held last week, according to the final results published by the country’s Election Commission on Tuesday.

In all 61 percent of voters said “no” to the treaty, compared to 38.2 percent who said “yes” in the April 6 referendum, the commission said.