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Hungary | Social Forum of Eastern Europe: brief results

From 11th to 13th March 2016 about one hundred participants from different civil society organisations and radical left forces gathered in Wroclaw (Poland) in order to exchange experiences on the peripheric situation of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC) and the South and to outline common political goals for the future. As a result of the 13 sessions on wide ranging issues, like militarization, racism, antifascism, feminism, neocolonisation, environment, peripherisation, workers rights and devastating consequences of the system change in CEEC, participants arrived at the following conclusions:

USA | Over Half of Americans Now in Favor of Recreational Cannabis

Claire Bernish
March 18, 2016

 (ANTIMEDIA) It’s official: more Americans now support the legal, recreational use of cannabis than those who feel prohibition should continue. In fact, 52 percent of people are in favor of the legalization of marijuana for “recreational” purposes — and fully 68 percent are in favor of legalization for medical use.

Performed by Vox in conjunction with Morning Consult, the poll marks a noteworthy shift away from the government’s War on Drugs and marijuana prohibition — largely considered a failed venture by experts, advocates, and observers.

Ukraine | Ukrainian fascists continue to terrorize dissenters

Yesterday in Kiev Ukrainian fascists attacked a peaceful rally. Supporters of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine decided to celebrate the anniversary of the referendum on the preservation of the USSR, held March 17, 1991. Majority of voters in Ukraine supported proposal to save the USSR as a united state.
Protesters were mostly elderly people. Fascists poured white paint over protestors and seized flags. The attack was organized by regiment “Azov”. The regiment is known for its racism and it is officially included in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

China | DPRK fires medium-range ballistic missile into east waters

SEOUL – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Friday fired a medium-range ballistic missile into east waters, Yonhap news agency reported.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) was quoted as saying that the missile was launched around 5:55 a.m. local time (2055 Thursday GMT) from the western area of Sukcheon.

France | Plus de 120 millions d’Européens au bord de la pauvreté

Signe d’une crise et d’une situation qui ne s’améliore guère, 123 millions d’Européens pourraient rapidement basculer dans la pauvreté, selon un rapport du groupement d’ONG, Oxfam. Parmi eux, onze millions de Français.

 123 millions: c’est selon le groupement d’ONG Oxfam, le nombre d’Européens «exposés au risque de pauvreté». C’est la conclusion d’un rapport publié par l’organisation qui estime le nombre de personnes qui, sans être statistiquement pauvres, ont un risque réel de basculer rapidement en-dessous de leur seuil national. Pour rappel, en France, le seuil de pauvreté défini par l’Insee correspond à 60% du revenu médian, soit 977 euros pour 2015. Plus de 8 millions de Français vivent en-dessous de ce seuil.