Large-scale protest in Moldovan capital

On January 24 a new wave of protests has started in Moldova. A large-scale protest took place on the Great National Assembly Square (PMAN) of Chisinau against the swearing in office of the new government. The protesters repeatedly demanded organisation of snap parliamentary elections, monitored by the United Nations and other international institutions.
Supporters of the Dignity and Truth Platform, Party of Socialists (PSRM) and the party led by Renato Usatii united in this protest on PMAN. The citizens shouted anti-government slogans, demanded change of the political class and asked the development partners not to back the cabinet led by Pavel Filip.
”One year has passed since we started protests in streets. The present governance controls the entire country and tries to establish a dictatorship, but it will not manage, as the people have woken up. We call on those leading the country to come here and render resignation, as we want snap polls and a head of state elected by the people,” the head of the Great National Assembly Council, Andrei Nastase, said.
PSRM leader Igor Dodon said that all the citizens had united on PMAN for the first time since the declaration of the independence. ”Our problem is that we divide into nationalities, we are citizens of Moldova, who want to live at home, we want our children to grow up at home, and the fact that we have united speaks about the fact that we can save the country. We must do our utmost to get snap elections, and the latter may take place only if we are united,” Dodon said.
”I have come here to save Moldova. The country is in a big danger and we are obliged to return the country back to the people. There are many of us and we must show them that the power is in our hands,” the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii, said.
At the protest, the people present on PMAN voted for the creation of the National Salvation Council, demanding resignation of the leadership of more state institutions. Subsequently, the column of protesters headed to the Constitutional Court, National Anticorruption Centre and Prosecutor General’s Office, where people protested against decisions taken by these institutions.
After protesting in the Great National Assembly Square, just in the downtown of Chișinău, the protesters led by the Platform “Dignity and Truth”, “Our Party” and Party of Socialists went in a march to the North-Western entrance of the capital in order to block it.
The Calea Ieșilor street was blocked for approximately an hours by the protesters, who wanted to send a message to the authorities through this. They demand the dismissal of the Filip Government, the assigning of a technocrat Government and early Parliamentary elections.
The heads of these protests, Andrei Năstase, Igor Dodon and Renato Usatîi, gave 3 days to the authorities to analyse their demands until Thursday, January 28th, 17:00.
According to the leaders, this statement is an ultimatum for the governing majority. Otherwise, the protesters would have to block other national roads, railways and the access to the Chișinău Airport.

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