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Greece and Israel accused Turkey of oil trade with ISIL

Greek defence minister: the majority of oil smuggled by Daesh is smuggled through Turkey.
On January 26 the defence minister of Greece Panos Kammenos has issued several statements after his meeting with the minister of defence of Israel Moshe Ya’alon. He told that Greek and Israeli military and diplomatic cooperation has common interests. A journalist asked him, “against which threat does this enhanced Greek-Israeli cooperation – with the possible participation of Cyprus, Jordan and Egypt – take place?” After minister’s answer the journalist put another question:
“Mister Minister, can Turkey become a part of the Cyprus-Greece-Egypt-Jordan axis and help, as the Europeans also wish, with the issues of immigration and terrorism? And under which circumstances?”
The answer was:
“We would all like Turkey to have good intentions and to come by our side for the common planning to face terrorism. We would all like Turkey to have a stance befitting international law and regulations. However, this requires a change of her attitude. In order to have a good relation and cooperation with a country, you need to recognize it first. Turkey still has not recognized Cyprus.

The second issue is terrorism. The truth is that the majority of oil smuggled by Daesh, by the terrorists, is smuggled through Turkey, thus financing terrorism. It would be desired if Turkey decided to change its stance, stopped cooperating with terrorism and stopped making actions that create problems in the region, if it used the EU’s funding and managed to stop the refugee flow to the coastline of Asia Minor, for its own benefit, naturally with the exchanges it would receive by the international community, in order to transform the Mediterranean to a sea of peace, cooperation and stability”. http://www.mod.mil.gr/mod/en/content/show/36/A93872

As Reuters informs the minister of defence of Israel Moshe Ya’alon confirmed the words of his Greek counterpart. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-israel-turkey-idUSKCN0V421N
In fact they both confirm earlier Russian statements made after its plane was shoot down.

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