Daily Archives: January 12, 2016

Syrian Army Has Entered Salma

Syria’s official news agency says the army has seized full control of a strategic rebel-held town in the northwestern province of Latakia, a stronghold of President Bashar Assad.

SANA says army units backed by pro-government militiamen from the National Defense Forces captured Salma on Tuesday.

UK | EU migrant crisis: Germany sends migrants back to Austria

Germany has been sending an increasing number of migrants back to Austria every day since the beginning of the month, Austrian police say.

Many had no valid documents, whilst others did not want to apply for asylum in Germany but in other countries, notably in Scandinavia, police said.

Peru | Wampis nation establishes the first autonomous indigenous government in Peru

For most Peruvians it was a Sunday like any other; but in the Wampis community of Soledad, it was a historic day. On November 29, the Wampis nation declared the formation of the first Autonomous Indigenous Government in Peru.

Spanning a 1.3 million hectare territory – a region the size of the State of Connecticut – the newly elected government brings together 100 Wampis communities representing some 10,613 people who continue to live a traditional subsistence way of life through hunting, fishing and small scale agriculture.