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Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention

Newly disclosed emails show that Libya’s plan to create a gold-backed currency to compete with the euro and dollar was a motive for NATO’s intervention.

The New Year’s Eve release of over 3,000 new Hillary Clinton emails from the State Department has CNN abuzz over gossipy text messages, the “who gets to ride with Hillary” selection process set up by her staff, and how a “cute” Hillary photo fared on Facebook.

But historians of the 2011 NATO war in Libya will be sure to notice a few of the truly explosive confirmations contained in the new emails: admissions of rebel war crimes, special ops trainers inside Libya from nearly the start of protests, Al Qaeda embedded in the U.S. backed opposition, Western nations jockeying for access to Libyan oil, the nefarious origins of the absurd Viagra mass rape claim, and concern over Gaddafi’s gold and silver reserves threatening European currency.

Germany | Studie: Vom Westen unterstützte Opposition hat Maidan-Massaker verübt

Eine Studie der Universität von Ottawa kommt nach Auswertung von tausenden Belegen zum Ergebnis: Die Schüsse gegen die Demonstranten am Maidan kamen nicht von der Regierung, sondern aus den Reihen der vom Westen unterstützten Opposition. Seit 1. Januar ist die Ukraine mit der EU assoziiert – eine vergiftete, späte Frucht der Gewalt vom Maidan.

EUCOM chief beats the drum for more military assets

U.S. European Command’s Gen. Philip Breedlove said Monday that he would continue to press for more military resources on the Continent as his force adapts to a more fragile security landscape.

However, decisions were still pending on how such assets would be allocated, he said.