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China | President Mao changed his appearence

A village in China’s Henan Province has set up a 36.6-meter-tall golden statue of late Chinese leader Mao Zedong, which has cost local entrepreneurs and villagers almost 3 million yuan (459,300 US dollars).
However, as photos of the under-construction statue went viral online on Monday, Chinese netizens jabbed at the poor craftsmanship, saying that the face doesn’t resemble that of Mao.
Others, meanwhile, have been wondering why the villagers didn’t use the money to do something more practical rather than building a giant statue.


John Helmer, Moscow

At the very beginning of his presidency, in March 2000, Vladimir Putin said the state – he meant himself – should be “equidistant” from the oligarchs. He also promised “compliance with [market] rules, without offering any advantages or privileges or preferences to anyone”. The president, Putin added, “should stand above this influence and not pile up all the interests only in favor of the big companies and monopolies. We should not allow this.”

Ukraine’s Poroshenko Prompts Meme Craze in Russia After Twitter Gaffe

In one day Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko has transformed himself from his country’s President to the cover star of almost every major magazine, on Twitter at least.

The Ukrainian leader, whose country is currently caught in an uneasy ceasefire with Russian-backed separatists in its eastern Luhansk and Donetsk regions, tweeted what he believed to be an innocuous joke on Sunday.