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New Workers’ Party

A new left-wing party is organizing in Donetsk. This initiative was proposed by local leader of Independent Trade Unions Alexander Smekalin. It is expected that the organization will be called the Workers’ Party of Donbas.
The draft program of the new party pays great attention to issues of worker self-management. The document condemns nationalism. At the same time, the Party recognizes the right of nations to self-determination. Marxism in the draft program is not mentioned, but the program is clearly based on the basic principles of Marxism.
With regard to the Soviet Union, a draft program repeats a series of errors typical for the Stalinists. Parties with the same views on the Soviet Union have already existed in the Donbas, so the question arises, what is this party created for? Apparently its main difference is the emphasis on workers’ self-management.


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