Iraq continues to demand that Turkey withdraw its troops

Iraq continues to demand that Turkey withdraw its troops from its territory. But Iraq does not go beyond verbal demands. It seems it does not have any means of influence on Turkey.
Iraqi government has published new statement on December 5, though it is dated by December 3:
“It has been confirmed to us that Turkish troops numbering around one regiment armoured with tanks and artillery entered the Iraqi territory, and specifically the province of Nineveh claim that they are training Iraqi groups without the request or authorization from the Iraqi federal authorities and this is considered a serious breach of Iraqi sovereignty and does not conform with the good neighbourly relations between Iraq and Turkey.
The Iraqi authorities call on Turkey to respect good neighbourly relations and to withdraw immediately from the Iraqi territory”.
Now they don’t condemn the intrusion on their territory but appeal for “good neighbourly relations”. It looks like Turkey continues its military presence for a long.


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