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“Big Brother is watching you”: Kharkov is under total control of state security

So called “revolution of dignity” in Ukraine led to strong totalitarian tendencies.
Ukraine’s Security Service has launched a pilot project in Kharkov. On-line video monitoring center is created in the city. The center operates around the clock. It is provided with information about 250 video cameras installed on the most important sites of the city, and about 750 cameras installed in the Kharkov region. There are large monitors in the observing center, which display an image – this allows you to view from 30-45 cameras simultaneously.
The head of the regional state security said he intends to increase the capacity of the center and set several tens of thousands cameras. Similar centers will be established in all regions of Ukraine in the future. Total control over population is the hallmark of all anti-democratic systems that govern against the will of its people.


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