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Ukraine | People in Kiev protest against “European choice” of Ukrainian government

Several dozen people took part in the meeting against Ukraine’s integration to the EU and politics of current Ukrainian government.
Activists kept slogans “Euromaidan, Euroassociation is a death for Ukraine”, “Stop Eurocolonization”, “Eurointegration – is a lost sovereignty of Ukraine”.
Natalia Vitrenko – the leader of the Progressive socialist party stressed that today’s government leads Ukraine for deepening austerity and unemployment. Industry is ruined, number of crimes increases, the country covered with blood, fratricidal civil war has been continued for two years.
Protesters proposed unity with Russia as an alternative to this suicide course.
This meeting was just near the government building. Anyway, it was no reaction from government side.

Venezuela | Venezuela’s Maduro Orders Military to Exit Public Admin Posts

The announcement by the Venezuelan president is only the latest in a series of efforts by the government and grassroots supporters to respond to the electoral setback.

As part of the efforts by Venezuelan socialists and revolutionaries to implement strategies in response to the electoral defeat suffered in recent parliamentary elections, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered military officials working in public administration posts to return to their barracks.

South Sudan: The many barriers to aid

The two-year-old conflict in South Sudan has left hundreds of thousands stranded beyond the reach of aid organisations.

Aid organisations are unable to reach hundreds of thousands of people, and thousands more are at risk of starvation as civil war in South Sudan reaches the end of its second year, according to aid officials speaking to Al Jazeera.

USA | How Big Oil and Nancy Pelosi Defeated the House Freedom Caucus


The House and Senate passed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill that averts a government shutdown and funds the government for the next year. The vote in the Senate was never in doubt, but in the House, where year-end spending bills have long been a source of tension, there was some last-minute drama over whether Democrats would provide enough votes to secure the bill’s passage. In the end, an overwhelming majority of Democrats and Republicans supported it.

USA | America’s Addiction to Terrorism

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