Daily Archives: December 17, 2015

Ukraine | Activities of the Communist Party is banned in Ukraine

December 16, 2015, the District Administrative Court of Kiev has completed the hearing on the suit of the Ministry of Justice. The court granted the petition of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and banned the activities of the Communist Party of Ukraine.
The lawsuit Ministry consisted of the following information: “CPU performs actions aimed at changing the constitutional order by force; violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine; propaganda for war, violence, incitement of ethnic hatred; encroachment on human rights and freedoms, as well as representatives of the Communist Party systematically appeal to the creation of paramilitary groups”.
Ukraine had turned into the theatre of absurd long before. This strange suit accused Communist party of Ukraine just of what Kiev regime itself does.

China | Trump a ‘chaos candidate’, Jeb Bush says, citing Muslim ban

Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush sharply criticized front-runner Donald Trump in a debate on Tuesday for proposing to ban Muslims from entering the United States, calling him a “chaos candidate” adept at delivering one-liners.

But candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz refused to bash Trump for his controversial proposal, focusing their criticism on President Barack Obama and accusing him of failing to keep the United States safe.

USA | Secret Central Bank Furniture Factory Highlights Ukraine’s Woes

Volodymyr Verbyany

Ukraine’s central bank may rank among the worst in achieving sound money this year, but at least it finally got out of the furniture business.

Lost among the 12,000 workers Valeriya Gontareva inherited when she became the country’s fourth central bank governor in 18 months last year were dozens of artisans making products such as wheeled shelves and armored doors at a building the bank owns on the outskirts of Kiev.